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A Naturalist's Curio Tray Original Painting

A Naturalist's Curio Tray Original Painting

Original gouache painting inspired by the printers trays in my studio and what I think a naturalist might display in one.

Within this painting you can find: A Guillemot Egg, Acorn and Leaf, Pink Sea Urchin, Blue Mushroom, Wren Egg, Green Scarab Beetle, Amethyst Crystal, Bird Skull, Poppy Seed Head, Goldfinch Feather, Snail Shell, Coral Branch, Chanterelle Mushrooms, Sparrowhawk Feather, Fern Cutting, Mermaid's Purse, Tiger Moth, Starfish, Common Blue Butterfly, Tiny Nest, Pink Shell, Pinecone.


Please note that this painting has been professionally framed, as such the frame is of a very high quality. 

  • Product Information

    Painting Dimensions: height 15.3cm x width 11cm

    Mount Dimensions: height 26cm x width 21cm  

    Frame Dimensions: height 28cm x width 23.5cm 

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