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What medium do you work in?

Gouache is the paint medium that I most frequently use. It behaves most like watercolour as it is water-soluble, but it has a much greater opacity; it is thicker, more powdery and quick drying. I find it is great for achieving bold colour with a flat matte appearance. 99% of my non-digital paintings are done in gouache. 
The other medium I work with is digital with my iPad. Many of my card designs and commissions are done on my iPad. The benefit to working digitally is that you can make adjustments easily, however I still prefer to paint in "real life".

What are your shipping and processing times?

Shipping and processing times can vary naturally, but I do try to make it as quick, cost-effective and safe as possible. My processing times for cards or prints which I currently have in stock are very quick, only 1-2 days. Whilst if i'm printing to order, that processing time can be longer, potentially a week, but I keep the buyer informed of when the order is ready and then once i've shipped them. Although I always want your art to come to you as soon as possible, please do let me know if your order is needed in a hurry or for a particular deadline and I will do my best to get it to you before that date.

Are your materials and packaging eco-friendly?

I am endeavouring for my business to be as environmentally friendly as possible. I do try to make sure that my shipping packaging is eco-friendly and recyclable. The clear bags that protect my greetings cards are not plastic, but made of compostable and recyclable corn-starch. The envelopes are made from recycled paper.

Can I request prints?

Absolutely! Almost everything you see on my website, instagram and shop can be made into prints. Prints can be made in a variety of sizes. So if you have a request for a particular print please contact me directly and i'll be happy to oblige.

Do you have discounts or sales?

As I am a small independent illustrator at the moment, I cannot afford to cut my prices constantly and undercut the market. I really try to price my work as fairly as I can. However, I will occasionally have discounts or sales on particular items, so keep an eye out for updates to the website or social media - I will let you all know!

Do you have a price list for commissions and illustrations?

I do have a price list/guide for commissions and prints which is available upon request. I must stress that prices are subject to change, as I must consider materials, illustration time, as well as research and formatting times into the cost of each commission. Each commission can vary wildly from the last so I prefer to consult with the client first about what they'd like and then give them a fair idea of pricing, so everyone's happy before I start the work for them.

How does your commission process work?

If you have an idea of a commission for me you should contact me directly. From there I will correspond with you about what you'd like in more detail. If it is a complex or more time-consuming commission, I like to video chat with the client, agree on a rough price, then start the work. Again if it is complex, more correspondence might be necessary for consultation, ensuring that, ultimately, you are happy with the work and it meets your expectations.

Do you offer mounting and framing for your work?

Mounting and framing work such as original paintings and prints can really increase the value and longevity of the work so it's always nice to have it done. I can mount and frame my work for you, please just contact me directly about it. Please note this will affect price, processing times and shipping costs.

What is your return policy?

I would hope that everyone who purchases items from me is happy with them. However if there has been a mistake in the order or if the items have arrived damaged, please let me know and I will do everything I can to rectify this or reimburse you.

Do you ship internationally?

I can ship internationally, please just contact/message me so I can sort out the shipping price directly with you. I don't have standard shipping rates listed on the website as it would vary depending on weight and size of the package as well as the shipping destination internationally. I will do my best to ship my artwork as speedily as possible.

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